SuanNie Guenther Owner/ Manager

SuanNie Guenther opened the Bistro with the intent of creating the authentic Bistro Environment. The story of Guenther's Bistro actually began in the early eighties, when SuanNie, as a young teenaged girl growing up on Banka Island, Indonesia, frequently helped her Mother in the family kitchen. She learned early of the joy of good food and the attributes of various international dishes, back then being Chinese, Indonesian, Malaysian, and Australian cooking, subtlety influenced by the substantial European community. Educated in Jakarta and degreed in marketing, her love of food is complemented by her business prowess. Fast forward to today's date, and you find SuanNie as owner and manager of Guenthers Bistro, greeting our patrons personally and ensuring their comfort and satisfaction as they enjoy dining in our internationally oriented bistro. Perhaps the single most important quality which SuanNie shares is her belief that its not only the food on the table that makes the meal, its the people who join around the table who bring the meal to life. Her signature line: "Makan, Makan", meaning "everyone, lets eat"!

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